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For awhile I had been messing around with skoping but never really made much of anything worth releasing or even showing in public for that matter. However inspiration struck me after making a request at Freedom Reborn that I had seen pieces of meshes which could work to create the comic book version of the same character. If I didn’t succeed then it would be deleted and nobody would be wiser that I sucked at skoping… but what if I did successfully create one? What character am I talking about you ask?


Well, Marvel Comics has a villain group called U-MEN which made their debut during Grant Morrison’s run on New X-Men. They were a group of misguided outcasts that followed a book called The 3rd Species written by John Sublime which made them believe that the world was unpure and infected. All they needed to do was protect themselves from it and then join the rest of Sublime’s followers. So these folks give up their old lives and purchase expensive bio-suits and weapons from Sublime and then go out into the world to hunt down mutants and anyone who would futher harm the environment of the planet they live on. The twisted part is that the U-Men believe that they are the next evolution of mankind and are the rightful owners of the abilities that mutants received at birth. So they harvest body parts of mutants so their enhanced abilities could be grafted into the U-Men themselves. Pretty sick people, huh?


The Purifiers are followers of Reverend William Stryker, a minister who believes that mutants are unnatural beasts spawned from Hell to test humankind. He kidnapped Professor Xavier and a few of his students and then held a rally inside of a sports stadium to make his agenda known to the public at large. He showed his true intensions to the crowd by trying to shoot Kitty Pryde and declaring the X-Men as monsters. Stryker went to prison for his actions and the murders of all of the families and children they later discovered assassinated by his Purifiers. While his remaining followers disbanded and went into hiding they kept his plan alive and eventually created a web page dedicated to the Reverend and his church until he was released from prison. Stryker was eventually released and discovered the damaged remains of the futuristic Super-Sentinel called Nimrod within his old church. He contacted his Purifiers and they slowly managed to build an army using the knowledge of the future from Nimrod's data banks to save people that would be suitable for his needs. Matthew Risman, one of Strykers' best assassins, eventually took over the role of leadership after Stryker made a huge strike against the Xavier Institute which resulted in the death of dozens of mutant students but Stryker's own death at the hands of a student called Elixir. Risman soon discovered the remains of Bastion (an alternate version of Nimrod from another time) was being transferred to another location and retrieved the head then reattached it to the body of Nimrod which restored Bastion back to full functionality. He soon discovered his plan was a mistake as Bastion started to take over control of the Purifiers and used the techno-organic virus taken from Magnus's corpse at the bottom of the sea to resurrect Stryker and an army of undead anti-mutant leaders to engage their own battle with the X-Men. Risman took all of his own loyal followers to reestablish the original Purifiers and then used Reverend Craig, the father of Wolfsbane, to help them capture Archangel and remove some of Apocalypse's nanites from his body to give a group of chosen soldiers lead by his son Gabriel the bladed wings of the Angel Of Death. This new army of Purifiers armed with futuristic technology have been reborn with one single goal.. to destroy mutantkind at any cost and murder the first child born after M-Day.



The Elite are a faction of Purifiers which broke away from Matthew Risman's group when the newly restored Bastion used the resurrected body of Reverend Stryker to create his own army. Members of this group opted to wear robes that reflected the colors of Bastion since he was the newly reborn form of the Super-Sentinel Nimrod. Bastion also handpicked certain soldiers from the common ranks to serve as his guardsmen and they were given a unique masked uniform to stand out from the rest. When Risman and his newly created Chior of Angels attacked Bastion's former base it left both armies with huge losses within their ranks especially after Archangel and X-Force showed up to retrieve Wolfsbane who was imprisoned by her father Reverend Craig. Bastion has since been replenishing his followers using the influence of his circle of undead anti-mutant leaders for a genecide againt mutantkind and wiping out the influence of Hope Summers, the self proclaimed messiah of mutants and a possible future of peace and reestablishing themselves as a dominant species.


Martha was just a mutant runaway who was captured by the human supremeacist group, the U-Men. Their founder John Sublime had her brain removed from her body, keeping the disembodied brain alive in a capsule. Sublime controlled her through drugs and syringes and used her to telepathically subdue his opponents. Emma Frost and Cyclops were investigating several mutant deaths and disappearances when they found themselves being attacked using Martha's psionic distortion to abduct them for harvesting their mutant powers. Emma used to her own telepathic powers to break free and released Martha from her brainwashing at long last. Martha took quick revenge on Sublime by forcing him to fall to his death out of a window. She joined the Xavier Institute's Special Class and found a special friendship with Ernst who could easily hear her telepathic voice and Quentin Quire who built her a special hovering case to hold her brain. Her photographic memory and ability to predict future events has kept her several steps ahead of any trouble that found it's way into the Institute. After the mansion was destroyed during an attack which forced the X-Men to relocate to a new city, Beast found her broken capsule in his old lab and brought her to Utopia. Martha and Quentin soon found themselves as the "Arch-Nemesis" of each other while he keeps looking for a way to make trouble and escape his punishment for leading a riot at the old Mansion. Martha has been working hard to expand her telepathic powers and hopefully find a way to create an artificial body to allow her to interact with people again.


Barnell was an outcast country kid who found himself turned into a "bird boy" when his mutant powers manifested. He found himself without any confidence or fully developed powers when he was found by Warren Worthington (aka Archangel). He ended up joining Xavier's Institute's Special Class because he was not able to fit in anywhere else. He found a good friend in Angel Salvador who could also fly (although Barnell's wings are not fully developed so his control and speed are horrible) and slowly developed a romantic relationship between them. Beak finally found his confidence and started to develop are more offensive strategy by carrying around his prized baseball bat to help conpensate for his lack of strength. After the Institute was destroyed during an attack he and Angel left the X-Men to raise a family but fate had other plans for Beak. He soon found himself yanked out of his own reality to join the Exiles and forced to become the hero that he never wanted to be. Beak then witnessed an alternate future where he evolved into a hawk-like warrior after years of fighting a genetic war with Sublime who had taken over the body of Hank McCoy (aka Beast). Beak helped the Exiles for several years until he finally was given the opportunity to return home to his own reality. It was only moments after being reunited with Angel and his kids that M-Day occured which stripped them of their mutant powers. Beak and Angel lived for awhile in their new life but soon returned to being superheroes with technology based powers with The New Warriors.


Angel Salvador woke up one morning to find herself with emerging mutant powers and ran away after being badly beaten by her step-father. She ran deep into the forest and curled up into a ball crying herself to sleep. Angel awoke several days later to discover she had somehow grown a coccoon around herself and now had insect like wings. Only just moments from getting her bearings she was attacked by U-Men on a patrol and captured by them. It was by shear luck that Wolverine happened to get a report of a missing girl that he drove his mototcycle into the area and tracked her to the U-Men's truck. Upon opening the door and discovering what they were going to do with her, Wolverine quickly rescued her but not after being impaled by dozens of their blade firing weapons. Angel was taken to the Xavier Institute and joined the Special Class because of her bad attitude. She found a friend with Beak who was an outcast himself and trying to learn to fly which she could do with ease. They soon fell in love and tried to look out for each other. After the Institute was destroyed during an attack she and Beak left the X-Men to raise their new family. She soon found herself raising their kids alone after Beak was yanked out of time to join the Exiles. When Beak returned to her the events of M-Day occured which stripped them of their powers and left them with the lives they always wanted. It wasn't before long that the superhero life called for them and they returned with technology based powers as members of The New Warriors.

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