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One of my favorite real-time tactical role-playing games of 2005 was released by Irrational Games (yes, the same folks who gave us the BioShock saga). It was a tribute to the golden age of comic books with a very large potential for being modded to expand it's lifespan beyond it's original storyline. The fan community for this game has kept it alive long after support ceased from it's parent developer.


Sometime during 2009 I started my own modding project for Freedom Force through Freedom Reborn. It was just a simple idea to collect existing voice packs already in the modding community and add my own packs as well into an easy installable system. It has been a challenge and I'm still hard at work on it's next update for 2014. I'll post more details on what's new and how to download it soon.



I have been dabbling with graphic programs and modding tools for several years so I decided to try tackling making skopes for Freedom Force by focusing on characters that I always wanted to see within the game. My work is pretty pedestrain compaired to other modders among my peers in the Freedom Reborn community. I'm proud of what I have done in the free time that I have to experiment. Please check them out.


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