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"God sends meat and the devil sends cooks."

                                                 - Thomas Deloney

Inspired by Laureli Slaughter; Created & Written by William B. Steward; Designs by William B. Steward.

Story Concept

Welcome to the world of Slaughterhouse. Nothing is left of the modern society that you take for granted these days. On September 11, 2001, This reality was turned into chaos and death when a group of terrorists chose to unleash biological weapons and home made nuculear bombs on the world population. It was an attack that laid waste to the majority of the large cities and nearly wiped out most of the major population centers within a period of twenty-four hours. Of course most of the governments had emergency plans in place in case such horrible events would occur but only those lucky enough to be near fallout shelters and bomb bunkers built for this kind of event. Once the vaults were locked everything went silent for nearly ten years. No communication was available so nature went on and adapted to the abandoned wastelands left outside.


The domed cities of the Age Of Atlas were the first signs that humanity has returned from the vaults. These protected cities were forged from the blood and sweat of scientists and engineers who wanted to make sure that the survivors had a chance to rebuild from the foundations of the old world. It was not long before they realized just how critical these domes would be when mutants and monsters of horrible desriptions started to appear along the energy walls looking for way in. It had appeared that humans were no longer at the top of the food chain since their brief period of hybernation. There was much hungrier things outside in the wastelands and nobody had thought about how long they would last without an army or even livestock to provide a food source. The survivors also discovered during their time within the shelters after being exposed to the biological poisons from the attack had left everyone sterile and unable to produce another generation beyond their own. It would be left up to the scientists once again to find a resoultion to this problem with limited resources.


The Pure Convoy follows a series of supply rumors to a huge ranch just beyond the overgrown forests in the wastelands. This place belongs to the Slaughter family, A rather eccentric clan of females who found themselves a growing business in supplying meats and dairy into the black market. After several meetings they strike a deal for supplying the Domes with their marketplace in return for sending volunteers and winners of a lottery system to provide workers to the ranch. The Hybrids found the lottery system as a salvation from their horrible living conditions and for several years were happy to follow the system blindly. It wasn't until a group of young hyrid teens decided to raid one of the markets within the Towers that they discovered it was selling meat, organs, milk, and brainwashed slaves to the privileged pure citizens who could afford them.


The Slaughters were once part of a huge meat empire made up of several families trying to create the perfectly bred sources of livestock in the world. They were far more greedy then most in the business and stabbed many family businesses in the back to grow larger but it meant nothing after the world fell apart. The elder members of the family vanished during the explosions that wiped out the major cities and the younger members had either found protection in bunkers of their own or ventured off into the wastelands. The Slaughter Ranch was where the family business originated from several centuries ago when they raised their own livestock and slowly build their original empire. Now the daughters of the founding families came home looking for a fresh start and discovered within their own madness that Hybrids make an excellent source of meat.


Blueprints & 3D Modeling

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