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The following projects are being developed for online comic versions which hopefully (funding permitting) will be printed to be sold in a trade paperback collected format. The original online scripting is intended to be in a more R-Rated tone with expanded scenes in a full NC-17/Uncut "Grindhouse" format at a much later time period.

                                           CLICK ON THE COMIC'S TITLE PAGE TO VISIT EACH IN MORE DETAIL.

Gene-Nation: The New World is a comic that details a world left in ruins after a devistating apocalyptic event. Survivors protected within bunkers have rebuilt new colonies on the borders of ruined city centers ol the old world. Using cloning technologies they have boosted repopulation but flawed initial experiments have resulted in those inperfect outcasts to live within slums among the city ruins. The wasteland has it's own terrors as hunters, monsters, mutants, and the horrible conditions of the scorched planet make it a challenge to bring forth the next civilization.  

Camp Cheermageddon is a spin-off comic from Gene-Nation following the efforts of a group of breeders from the domed cities to create a fight for survival environment for clones and humans needing to live outside the protection they have known all their lives. Using knowledge from libaries of sleepaway and cheerleading camps to create a team building environment. The camp staff uses the structure of big sisters watching out for the less experienced. Older instructors teach everything from food gathering, combat, sex education, and physical fittness.  It should be a new beginning outside the old system with the protected cities.but something tells the new girls they are not as safe as they think from the hunters or their own councilors.

The House Of Slaughter: Black Market is a spin-off comic from Gene-Nation following the Slaughter family's dirty deals and blood thirsty drive to become the largest supplier in the post-apocalypse black market. The Slaughter Sisters are fighting for control of the family business and rebuilt their livestock and meat trade by hunting the outcasts and the pure population within the newly domed protected cities. This family of wild sex starved cannibals thrives in their huge mansion on a giant livestock ranch far out into the vast deadly wasteland. They are expanding and becoming even more hungry for land and meat every day.

CARNEVIL: The Legend Of Nightshade is a comic that features the ultimate amusement park experience which every thrill seeker ever dreamed of. It's a legendary theme park which grew from a traveling carnival that packed up during the night and finally found a home under new management. Thrills, chills, scares, and soul stealing attractions bring everyone around and leaving behind nothing rumors of missing people and horrible bloodshed. What is the horrible secret of this Dark Carnival?

Gothic Babes In Zombieland is my comic book love letter to all of the B-Film and Pop Culture movies/music classics that influenced our culture since the '70s until the '90s. What would happen if the world's only hope from a massive supernatural zombie outbreak was from the very subcultures and communties that everyone avoided? It's time to party and this time the undead are not going to find a bunch of cowards to snack on.

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